Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Piha, New Zealand

Limited Edition Cavendish Venge on the West Coast of New zealand

Photo submitted by Adam Yearsley, “Limited Edition Cavendish Venge on the West Coast of NZ.”

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Eric - 07/18/12 - 9:14am

I don’t know whats better looking…the view or the bike

Steve M - 07/18/12 - 10:21am

The view

Ryan - 07/18/12 - 11:05am


Matt - 07/18/12 - 11:27am

Say what you want about Spec. but they are killing it with their lineup of road bikes. The Venge is amazing and the S-works Tarmac SL4 is the best bike money can by right now. You may hate on big companies, but they are leading the way.

Jimmies - 07/18/12 - 1:02pm

The only people that hate Specialized, are those that bought something else. They are simply the top bike brand in the biz. S-Works Tarmac SL4 = the best. Venge = the best Amira = the best women’s bike. Their shoes are worn by more riders in the Peloton than anyone else (100+ riders) and their mountain bikes are #1. Haters gonna hate.

Adam Yearsley - 07/18/12 - 6:30pm

Thanks fellas, its a stunning rig to ride. The most comfortable and stiff combination i have had the pleasure of pedaling.

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