Prototype Jamis Carbon Disc Brake Cyclocross Bike – UPDATED!

2013 Jamis prototype carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike raced by Tyler Wren

UPDATED: More photos of the bike added!

Tyler Wren just won the Crusher in the Tushars endurance cyclocross race aboard a 2013 prototype carbon fiber disc brake equipped Jamis ‘cross bike.

Not sure what the production spec will be, but Wren’s bike was outfitted with FSA cranks, an ENVE disc ‘cross fork, Shimano Di2, TRP Parabox braking system and Stan’s NoTubes wheels. Over on’s race report, he was quoted as such:

“The new Jamis prototype I rode was the perfect set-up. The hydraulic disc brakes gave me a lot of confidence on the big descent, and the Shimano di2 had no performance drop over the course of the muddy race, as a cable set-up surely would.”

Interestingly, looks like he was running road pedals while many of the competitors were riding mountain bikes. More as we get it. Video and more pics of the bike…


Tyler Wren wins Crusher in the Tushars on a prototype disc brake carbon fiber 2013 Jamis cyclocross bike

Cockpit is Ritchey with a San Marco saddle. Top photo and those below from Wren’s homepage.

2013 Jamis prototype carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike raced by Tyler Wren

The frame has internal wiring and hose runs for the shifting and brakes. The wiring port covers have a small bolt, suggesting they’re swappable for standard derailleur cable stops, too.

2013 Jamis prototype carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike raced by Tyler Wren

Di2 battery mount is under the bottom bracket.

2013 Jamis prototype carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike raced by Tyler Wren


Michael - 07/17/12 - 12:00pm

Not just any Stan’s wheels, he was running Race Gold 29er Mountain Bike wheels. Is that common???

mike - 07/17/12 - 12:49pm

yeah, 29er rims work better than road rims.

yesplease - 07/17/12 - 10:29pm

Thats weird I thought it was called Crusher in the Tushar and I dont see endurance cyclocross anywhere on the site? Half the dudes rode MTB’s so when did it become a cyclocross race? Barriers? No. Beer? Yes 1 out of 2 aint bad.

RL - 07/18/12 - 10:37am

also in the video: Trebon on a Super X in 2013 colors, but with cantis not discs. Didn’t look like they were using the brakes when he got dropped/dropped back …

Whatever - 07/18/12 - 10:47am

This seems to kind of be the movement in dirt-ish endurance events. Rougher condition dictated by the profile, not technical, really, in the course. Heck, even Landis rode Leadville 100 in ’08 on a BMC 26er fully with speedplay road pedals. I know the purists hate this stuff and bemoan the lack of kick ass singletrack, but these things are races. 100% singletrack makes the racing part difficult. Problem is this event has a small population cap. Getting in next year is going to be impossible, since by all accounts, it’s a totally kick ass venue and event.

yesplease - 07/18/12 - 12:17pm

RL yeah no discs on Trebon’s new rig. The SuperX only comes in a 58 so this one is custom. I am guessing it was easier to make a canti custom vs a disc custom. Cannondale made his flash custom too.

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