Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: 2012 Pikes Peak Cycling Hillclimb

Photos taken and submitted by Jonathan Harms, “Bikes normally aren’t allowed up the tollway to summit 14,110 foot Pikes Peak, except during a once-a-year event.  When I registered for the 2012 Pikes Peak Cycling Hillclimb, the coordinators told me that I wasn’t even allowed to ride to the start line!”

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2012 pikes peak hill climb


ftajiri - 07/17/12 - 10:55am

breathless … in all dimensions

Walter - 07/17/12 - 11:27am

Why waste such a road on cars?

off-roadie - 07/17/12 - 1:02pm

How else would fat people get to 14,000 ft?

evinfuilt - 07/17/12 - 2:11pm

“How else would fat people get to 14,000 ft?”
They have a cog railway for that.

Bahrd - 07/17/12 - 5:00pm

Do the brake pads significantly wear off during the descent?

Jonathan - 07/17/12 - 7:27pm

Surprisingly, I didn’t having to brake all that hard or much, but admittedly was taking it pretty easy. There were too many other cyclists and too much variation in ability to be taking risks on the descent. Not to mention the occasional car on the way up. Of course, taking it slow going down had its up sides, too (i.e. enjoying the scenery).

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