New Aero Alloy Clinchers From Fulcrum For Cross & Road, Racing Quattros

Fulcrum Racing Quattro Clincher Wheelset Front Rear


The Racing Quattros are the latest edition to Fulcrum‘s lineup.

They’re Fulcrum’s first 35mm alloy clincher wheelset. Weight comes in at 1710g in both road and cross versions.  16 aero straight pull steel spokes lace the front, 21 lace the rear. The hubs are sealed cartridge aluminum anti-rotation with adjustable industrial bearings.  Cross wheels get a double seal on the hub bearings to keep out the grime. Like Fulcrum’s Zero and Racing One wheels, a Mega driveside hub flange changes the brace angle making for great power transfer.

Road wheels run £299.99 here, Cross wheels £309.99 here.

Fulcrum Racing Quattros Rear Rim

Fulcrum Racing Quattros Rim Close

The red anodized nipples are oversized and the graphics, according to Fulcrum, are “great looking”.

Fulcrum Racing Quattros Front Hub


Gillis - 07/16/12 - 5:30pm

Quattro? are these 4whl drive wheels?

Meta - 07/16/12 - 5:56pm

these days, why would anyone ride 1710g wheels!

Steve - 07/16/12 - 6:03pm

The “great looking” thing about those decals is that it looks like they are removable.

Detlef - 07/16/12 - 6:10pm

Well heavy rims for high inertia
a low count of spokes for low stiffness
and adjustable “industrial” bearings because their tolerances are to high to fit out of the machine

but the wheels have outstanding oversized nipples so I have to buy some pairs of them!

Stephen Waits - 07/16/12 - 6:47pm

Yah.. I mean the only thing that comes to mind is “why?”.. 1710g?

Not exactly comparable, but for $560 you can get a quite decent set of 22mm alloy clinchers that come in at 1320g. See

Evan - 07/16/12 - 9:39pm

And to add to the above comments about weight, the ACTUAL weight of these wheels will probably be 1850+ grams.

Ben - 07/16/12 - 11:23pm

Not cardboard? Not interested.

curious - 07/17/12 - 1:30am

whats the width like? necessary info these days in my opinion.

jason - 07/17/12 - 4:06am

The reason why 1710g wheel is the 35mm depth which for cross ic critical as it’s enough to keep the spokes out of the mud stoping the paddling effect. At that weight they are fairly competive for cross, but the question i would as is why the cross wheelset is not disk compatable, could it be due to campag only just releasing canti’s last season and again playing catch up to sram and shimano? i guess only time will tell.

Stephan - 07/17/12 - 5:28am

Cheap price and not so heavy… Nice look!

Steve M - 07/17/12 - 6:30pm

Whatever they weigh- they will be true and running many years down the line. Fulcrum knows what they are doing.

Chris W - 08/02/12 - 11:32pm

I have bought a set of the road ones and while they weren’t my first choice and have yet to arrive.

My previous experience with Fulcrum wheels is with a set of 7’s and I can only say I wasn’t happy with them.

The Quattro’s better be a vast improvement over my current 7’s (I hope) or they will be going back to where they came from.

Mike L - 01/23/13 - 11:18am

This is the first ‘pre-built’ affordable wheelset that has my interest in a long time. I can buy them shipped to the US from the UK for less than $400 as of January, 2013. 35 mm deep rims with Campy/Fulcrum quality build. I was going to build myself some of the new wider Kinlin 29 deep by 23 wide rims or Hed ardennes rims on quality hubs, but that would cost more than these racing quattros even with my own free wheel build labor, not weigh much less, and would not be as aero. I think the rule of thumb is each 10 grams less aero drag at race speeds is worth 1 watt. I’ll trade 100 grams wheel weight to get 10 watts saved as many times as possible. I realize I won’t be getting an aero benefit like a hed stinger 9 or zipp 808 etc, but I won’t be spending a few thousand dollars either.

Mike L - 01/25/13 - 6:21am

actually I just found them for $309 shipped to me in the USA for the pair (from starbike, in Germany). That’s a great price for this wheelset, just a White Industries rear hub retails for about $250, or the Chris King R45 rear hub for over $400. Perhaps Campy/Fulcrum are on a mission to gain market share in the wheel arena, where I think they have taken a beating for some time.

Dean - 10/16/13 - 10:47pm

An upgrade from Fulcrum 7s – The 7s were great wheels for an OEM wheelset and the
Quattros are proving excellent value so far. I was thinking of going for a deeper rim on a wheelset but after riding these glad I stuck to a shallow rim of 35mm. For everyday use.

Its been quite windy here over the past week or so (30 – 40 kph) and the only time I’ve noticed any buffetting was when I had wind coming at me directly from one side – Any other direction they handled just like a shallow wheel

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