Tech Breakdown on DT Swiss’ XX1 XD Driver Body Hubs

DT Swiss SRAM XX1 Driver Body XD freehub axle options for mountain bike wheels

With SRAM’s XX1 1×11 drivetrainusing a new standard, many riders are wondering if they’ll have to build up a new rear wheel to use it. When launched, SRAM and DT Swiss will have Driver Body free hubs available, and DT Swiss’ 2013 and earlier Star Ratchet System hubs will all be retrofittable. The only hubs that won’t work are the 2 pawl hubs, so any 240s, 180 carbon ceramic, 190, 350 hubs, and 440 hubs will work.

Above, from left to right, are the axle end caps for 135 QR, 135 10mm thru-bolt and 142×12.

A full list of next year’s compatible hubs is after the break, along with closeups of the piece. Chances are other brands (Specialized’s new Roval wheels, for instance) that use DT’s hubs in their wheels will be convertible, too.

DT Swiss SRAM XX1 Driver Body XD freehub axle options for mountain bike wheels


  • XM 1550 TRICON
  • XM 1550 TRICON 29
  • M 1700 TRICON
  • FX 1950 TRICON


  • XR 1450 SPLINE
  • XR 1450 SPLINE 29
  • X 1600 SPLINE
  • X 1600 SPLINE 29
  • M 1700 SPLINE
  • M 1700 SPLINE 650b


  • XRC 950 T
  • XRC 950 T 29
  • XRC 1150
  • XRC 1350
  • EXC 1550
  • EX1750
  • E 2000


Fabricio - 07/13/12 - 4:19pm

I´m crossing my fingers that Hope made a replacement like this for their hubs, I´m in the same situation about the rear wheel building´s dilema.

Nony_B - 07/13/12 - 9:03pm

How do you lock the cassette to this?

Bikerumor - 07/14/12 - 12:46pm

Nony – because the XX1 cassette is a complete one-piece design, the entire cassette threads onto the Driver Body on the threads visible near the back of it. Check some of the other posts linked in the article and you’ll see it illustrated in different ways. Still uses the standard cassette removal tool, just no lock ring.

timmbers - 07/14/12 - 3:22pm

so we are moving back to the freewheel?? sort of?

RC46 - 07/14/12 - 6:59pm

The 10 tooth cog is the lockring

jimmythefly - 07/14/12 - 9:25pm

@ RC46 -not really, to my understanding. The 10t cog is machined of the same one piece of metal as everything but the largest cog. The lockring is basically a tube that is sold as one piece already inserted into the cassette, but that can spin independently inside of it. This lockring tube has splines on one end that sit around the inner perimiter of the 10T cog, and at the other end of the tube (toward the largest cog) it is threaded.

What Bikerumor said is, I believe, slightly misleading. The cassette is NOT the lockring, and the cassette (the stack of cogs riveted or machined together) does not “spin” or thread on to anything. The cog stack slides onto the splines as normal, but the included, captive (but a separate part) tubular inner lock ring is what actually spins and threads onto the driver body.

Warp - 07/15/12 - 6:12am

So, how do you remove one of these cassettes? By using a chainwhip around the 42t cog (can it really be called a cog when it’s larger than most rings?) and using your cassette tool on the 10t cog?

First thought that came to me was “oh, no… a freewheel!”, as it brings me memories of massive cursing and dissing when a freewheel went toast. Happy to see it’s not a devolution to that.

Pat - 07/15/12 - 11:41am

Will there be a freehub body that works with the 340 hub which DT no longer makes?

Pat's Dad - 07/16/12 - 12:22am

No, Pat. New stuff won’t work with old stuff.

Jones - 07/16/12 - 2:59am

Bet Shimano won’t be supporting this…

Dan Gerous - 07/16/12 - 1:31pm

Jerome Clementz has been racing on the new XX1 with Mavic wheels at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes… so I’m guessing Mavic will eventually have the appropriate freehub body too.

Herbert - 08/18/12 - 3:41am

Yup, the 10-teeth cog is the long-cyclindrical lock-ring that reaches all the way to the thread. However, I’m currently using XX 10speed cassette and it really did created dents at my CK’s inner free hub body, well dont know how protective and robust this could be esp if u’re at 42T and powering up a lot at technical climbs. What do you guys reckon?

fabricio baratta - 04/06/13 - 1:08pm

como están ? compre un kit xx1 , y quiero instalarlo en la bici y no me anda el adaptador del nuclio de las ruedas que son dt swiss 240 s , quiero saber cual es el que lleva esa rueda , y si tienen algún vídeo para verlo como se instala muchas gracias

majid - 09/24/13 - 8:26pm

Do they make freehub for DT SWISS X1600 XX1 conversion? if so waht’s the part number?

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