Swiftwick Introduces Ultra-Thin Pulse Socks

Swiftwick Pulse minimalist ultra thin compression sock for cycling and runningAs if we need another reason to love Swiftwick socks around here, their new Pulse models are ultra thin while retaining their compression cuff, seamless toe and antimicrobial material.

Their socks are made in the USA using 168 needle machines. Silver ions are bonded to the threads, which keeps odor causing bacteria from growing. The Pulse socks are the thinnest ones they make, with a claimed weight of 20.2g. That’s compared to 24g for the Vibe sock.

Retail ranges from $12.99 to $15.99 per pair. Ankle heights offered are 0, 1 and 4.


NWS Alpine - 07/11/12 - 9:53am

I have a bunch of swiftwick socks from golf before I started riding. They are perfect for any sport. Well worth the price when your feet feel so much better after a long day. I love their size 4 length as the added compression feels nice.

Alas. Silver. - 07/11/12 - 1:03pm

Socks look great. However, the silver ion concept is an old and poor one. Multiple washing dispense of the nano particles and create real environmental havoc. As a summary: http://www.nanotechproject.org/process/assets/files/7036/nano_pen_15_final.pdf

Track Fanatic - 07/12/12 - 4:41pm

I love Swiftwick socks! They hooked me at the Music City Distance carnival. The way they explained it to me was their process is something no one has ever done before. It was created by the U. of Oregon chemistry department. It sounded like they solved the problem of the silver washing out through their patented process that actually bonds the silver to the fibers with an ionic bond. Can’t quote the chemistry in this but I’ve been trying to get them stinky to no avail.

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