Prototype Pedal Lock

The “Pedal Lock” is a novel approach to deterring thefts in urban regions. The lock works by removing both pedals from the frame and locking the rear wheel. In theory, even if a thief managed to break or damage the lock…er pedals, they wouldn’t be able to ride away with the goods.

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By incorporating a lock into the pedals, riders no longer have to worry about toting around a heavy lock. Unfortunately, the pedals aren’t large enough to lock the wheel against a a solid object.

The designers claim it takes no longer than 13 seconds to lock a bike with their system, while securing a typical u-lock takes roughly 5 seconds.

Via Feng, Cheng-Tsung



Naton - 06/29/12 - 4:35am

It appears the left hand pedal is right hand threaded. Could get interesting if it ever makes it past the design stage…

Luke - 06/29/12 - 4:47am

Alloy cranks would last a week. Might work alright with the quick release pedals on some folding bikes

A - 06/29/12 - 5:56am

If this makes it to market I will eat my own bowels… what a crock..

Erik - 06/29/12 - 8:11am

Just pick up the damn bike and walk off with it. What a useless half-baked product

Tonga - 06/29/12 - 6:01pm

That is worthless. I would never consider buying this gimmick.

IJWS - 06/30/12 - 11:54am

Can’t you just take the rear wheel off and be done with it? I’m not kickstarting this.

Seraph - 07/10/12 - 2:56pm

Just take off the front wheel, put the lock through both wheels and the frame, and bob’s your uncle. No need for a convoluted pedal lock system.

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