Transition Prototyping Carbon Covert?

Transition bikes,  a company with a reputation for fun, bullet proof (read heavy) frames, has something new in the works. This picture uploaded to their Facebook reeks of  fancy plastic. The blurry beauty resembles the current Transition Covert, which weighs 7.74 lb w/an RP23. A carbon version of the 150mm travel trail bike could easily push the frame into the 5-6 lb range.

Lars Sternberg and the new rig have been racing the Oregon Enduro Series, and he did a quick run down of his build for series sponsor Shimano. Hop past the break and skip to 1:40 in the video to ogle the goods.

Updated: with pictures.

Note the Covert CF emblem on the seat stay



sean_triace - 06/27/12 - 9:07pm


satisFACTORYrider - 06/27/12 - 9:53pm

Transitions are mtb muscle cars. True rider owned goods.

Scott - 06/28/12 - 8:17pm

Transition! NW stand up!!

Dave - 06/29/12 - 5:43am

No pics but the plan for a carbon Covert was revealed a while ago when one was stolen on their visit to the UK!

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