New Prototype Morpheus Carbon Downhill Bike

Morpheus bikes is hopping on the carbon DH bike trend. Pictured above is a very close to production frame which will be released towards the end of this year. The complete build pictured shown weighs 32.8 lbs. Retail is expected to be $3300 for a frame with a Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock or $4,900 complete.

The frame itself is extremely adjustable. It features the company’s patented telescopic rear dropout system which allows for chainstay adjustments between 16.5 and 18″. Travel is adjustable via extendable shock mounts anywhere from 180 to 225mm. The BB can also be adjusted anywhere from 13.6 to 14.6″ and the head angle is also  adjustable from 62.8 to 65.5 and any angle in between. Stand over is 27.5.”

There is zero chain growth due to the concentric BB pivot, so if you’re hard on derailleurs, you can run this bike single speed without a chain tensioner.

Head past the break for the bullet points.

  • Available in December.
  • Retail price will be aprx $3,300 with shock.
  • Internal cable routing
  • Travel adjustable anywhere from 180mm to 225 mm
  • Head angle adjustable from 62.8 to 65.5 degrees
  • Bottom bracket height adjustable from 13.6 to 14.6″
  • Chainstay adjustable anywhere from 16.5 to 18.0 inches
  • Concentric bb pivot allows for simple single speed conversion
  • 27.5″ standover height

Via Morpheus Cycles Facebook Page


Dan - 06/26/12 - 5:29pm

1999 called they want their Mountain Cycle back, that and the Matrix reference = double fail

dustin - 06/26/12 - 6:09pm

Because the RM9 worked so well…

The Dude - 06/26/12 - 7:03pm

Man, those dropouts look scary as hell.

Knuckler - 06/26/12 - 7:37pm

Dustin, That was my very first thought. Ran the RM7 for 4 months, broke 3 shock shafts in half…

gringo - 06/27/12 - 2:27am

I’d pay at least $ 0.25 to see the results of the ol’ one hand on the setpost-one hand on the rear tire flex test.

Comment posting troll - 06/27/12 - 4:31am

Concentric single pivot… bound to pedal like a champ, not to mention the predominantly forward wheel path.

satisFACTORYrider - 06/27/12 - 9:51am

that looks like a bad revisit but hopefully Messere will be able to send it before it sends him.

Eric - 06/27/12 - 3:34pm

Outstanding! You have my vote for best Bike Rumor comment of 2012. Perfect.

Ant - 06/27/12 - 5:17pm

I second that @Eric
Made me smile!

Sophie - 06/28/12 - 10:34pm

It’s been done before way back in the late 90’s in ally
So nothing new really exept for the materials used.

Lenz Sport Pro Descender

Lots of Google pics :-

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