Pretty bike: Blacksmith Storck Aero2 build

A friend’s recent lament about the inevitability of the color red on modern bikes meant that Blacksmith Cycles’ 14.1lb blue, black, and white Storck Aero 2 photos landed at just the right time.  Built to celebrate the launch of their web store, the Aero 2 (and all Storcks) are now shipping anywhere in North America for 10% off: just use checkout code “Storck.”  In the case of the Aero2 IS fuselage (designed around Dura Ace Di2 and including integrated carbon front and rear brakes), that’s a not-insignificant $857.60 savings…


rc - 06/25/12 - 9:10pm

that’s not a saddle, that’s a probe

Xris - 06/25/12 - 9:39pm

This is the bike shop that people who work in bike shops go to. Amazing shop with amazing people, and tons of incredible eye candy. (I’ve seen this one in person and the pictures don’t do it justice at all)

Gillis - 06/26/12 - 12:07am

“A friend’s recent lament about the inevitability of the color red on modern bikes”

Lamenting a color is kinda ridiculous. Red has always been a bike color. Red is the color of wheeled racing (cars, motos, bicycles), that’s why you find it on high bikes. If Ferrari’s color were orange you’d probably see more orange around. Notice you don’t see as much red on lower end stuff.

Marc - 06/26/12 - 7:43am


Despite being “the color of wheeled racing,” hardly all racing cars or motorcycles are red. Where would we be without Gulf or John Player Special livery? Sometimes it’s nice to see something different. That’s all…


yes - 06/26/12 - 10:09am

May red, black and white bikes die a long and painful death.

Tom - 06/26/12 - 8:36pm

All for the less red black and white bikes too, but it doesn’t make this bike or its graphics any less ugly. Gross.

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