Spied! Titanium Niner Singlespeed Cogs

prototype Niner cogalicious singlespeed cogs in titanium

Hiding in plain sight at Niner’s PressCamp booth were these 6/4 titanium Cogalicious singlespeed cogs. Shown here in 17t and 23t, they’ll likely be offered in a full range of sizes.

They’re bearing their RDO (Race Day Optimized) logo, and they’re feeling pretty light. Other than the obvious, Niner’s folks aren’t sayings nothing other than that they’re prototypes. Full pic after the break…

prototype Niner cogalicious singlespeed cogs in titanium


Martijn - 06/20/12 - 5:40pm

What front chain ring would you use with a 23 rear cog?

mellow - 06/21/12 - 7:58am

if the price is right i may pick one up..

Gillis - 06/21/12 - 2:24pm

I’ve only had ti cassette cogs and they wore considerably faster than steel cogs. Not sure about use on a single speed.

Richard - 06/21/12 - 4:28pm

@ Gillis, I’ve had a few SS Boone TI cogs and they were great. TI wears way longer than AL, but as light as AL. Steel is light, heavy, but long lasting.

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