Prototype Turner Burner 650B Mountain Bike Spotted!

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

Turner’s Showing off a prototype Burner 650B mountain bike with Dave Weagle’s DW Link rear suspension with 140mm travel.

These are betas, the last prototypes, and travel and suspension kinematics are set. Now they need to dial geometry, head and top tube lengths over the next couple months production is targeted for later this year.

Dave Turner says they’ve been testing that wheel size on the Sultan 29er and other frames and really like it. Over the winter they started modifying their Sultan to test a dedicated 650B bike and deciding on travel. With all of the early 650 forks coming as heavier long travel models, that helped them settle on 140mm.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

The name Burner is being revived from a model back in the mid-90’s.

It’s designed to be a one-bike-for-everything model, and Turner says there will be a lot more tire and wheel choices in a few month as this bike progresses.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

Linkages have grease ports on all bushings.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

12×142 rear axle, which keeps their no threads in the frame theory going (at least at high stress areas, water bottle mounts are included). The axle holds the driveside dropout in for the most part, with a chainring nut and bolt keeping it attached to the frame when the axle is removed.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

Brake post mounts use replaceable barrel nuts, which are easily replaceable if they get stripped.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

The seat tube is shared with all of the other bikes, and the dropouts are shared with the 5 Spot and the Yoke is the same as on the Sultan. This share platform helps keep costs low enough to let U.S. manufacturing remain feasible. The rocker link is designed just for this bike.

Price should be inline with the 5 Spot, about $2,495 for frame and shock.

Made by Zen in Portland, Oregon, last week. Turner says full production should remain there, too.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

WTB’s 650B Wolverine tires have been an on again/off again item, and Turner says these are fresh off the boat from their latest production run. If you want some, order now before they’re out again.

2013 Turner Burner 650B mountain bike prototype

A couple of the bikes also had these Maxxis CrossMark 27.5×2.1 tires on them!


dhbomber - 06/19/12 - 9:08pm

Man, this looks coool! If this one gets a slack-ish headangle, it would really be an option for a future purchase! This or the Intense Carbine, if they do release it with the 650b dropouts.

They should go with 150mm of travel though.

I'm On a Boat - 06/20/12 - 12:08am

I Like.
I wish KENDA would get on board with the 650b tires quicker and start selling some of their race tires….

John - 01/16/13 - 1:06pm

wow that is one nice looking ride

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