New Hammer Nutrition Recovery Bar w/ Grass Fed Whey, Organic Peanut Butter

Hammer Nutrition peanut butter recovery bar with whey protein from grass fed cowsHammer Nutrition has just released their first recovery bar.

We’re already fans of their Hammer Bars since they’re made with whole foods (and they’re delicious), and this one looks equally solid. It’s the first protein recovery bar we’ve seen that uses whey protein from grass fed cows that’s cold processed. Each bar has 20g of protein with 25g of carbs (16g sugar, mainly from organic agave). It’s 70% organic ingredients and Gluten-free, GMO-free, certified dairy kosher. It comes in Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor only.

Retail is $3.50, but this link will give you 15% of your first order of this or any other product.


Grafton - 06/17/12 - 12:06pm

They still make Hammer leg protectors to?

jesus - 06/17/12 - 1:15pm

These taste absolutely terrible.

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