RetroShift Adds Colors, V-Brake Compatible Friction Shifter Mounts

RetroShift CX1 CX2 and CXV friction shifter lever mounts for drop bar brakes

RetroShift has added colors and other options to their friction shifter adapters for Tektro drop bar brake levers. Gray and red and standard, blue, green and gold (not shown) are new, but they’re only available on the CX1…and here are the three models available now:

CX1 -Made for 1×9 or 1×10, these mount to included Tektro brake levers. They’re $99 for a pair, and they’re now offered with their own custom shifter levers made for RetroShift for $139.

CX2 – Made for 2×9 or 2×10 groups, these also mount to standard Tektro brake levers. $129 for the levers with adapters to use with your own shifters, or $189 with Retroshift shifters included.

CXV – These new ones are redesigned to work with Tektro’s RC250 v-brake compatible levers (included) and brakes. Founder Adam Clement said it took a bit of work to get the angles on these right, but they’re here. Same pricing as CX2.

All parts will be in stock (good news for anyone that’s had some back ordered!) this Friday…we’d suggest ordering now as they tend to sell out pretty quick. Never heard of this before? Check our prior coverage here.


mark @ GRAVELBIKE - 06/12/12 - 1:24pm

For the v-brake model, I think you mean the RL520 levers.

The Goats - 06/12/12 - 11:43pm

Sounds like Tyler might have some dirt biking in his past?… :)

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