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bikerumor mystery pic from fairwheel bikes

Photo from the collection of Jason Woznick of Fair Wheel Bikes. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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James Clarkson - 06/11/12 - 7:16am

Look like Sampson Stratics cranks. I had a pair look great, light for their time but FLEXY!!!

Peter - 06/11/12 - 7:25am

old TA Alizé cranks?

Ashton - 06/11/12 - 7:36am

It’s a crank. I win.

Michael-Vittoria Shoes - 06/11/12 - 7:39am

I believe it’s an American Classic crank. If it is, they were recalled due to failure like many early 90’s alloy cranks.

Tom - 06/11/12 - 7:56am

Boone Road Cranks? That spyder looks familiar.

Jaxon - 06/11/12 - 8:03am

Sampson Stratics

eric - 06/11/12 - 8:12am

Grafton Cranks

Scott - 06/11/12 - 9:21am

Sampson cranks. I still ride them on my commuter. Circa 1992-1993

Paolo - 06/11/12 - 10:00am

It seems to be a new Extalite crank.

Paolo - 06/11/12 - 10:01am


D Hall - 06/11/12 - 10:09am

Oh Sampson cranks. I’ve got a set in gunmetal (painted) I received from a Trek employee. Used them for a short while. Upon investigation, most if not all of them broke and were very sensitive to installation torque. Very cool though.!!!

ec - 06/11/12 - 10:43am

The ‘brand-new’ Dura-Ace crankset.

Watchtower - 06/11/12 - 12:07pm

Sampson ‘Stratics’, had them on my Trek 1200 back in the day.

Larry Bozzi - 06/11/12 - 3:21pm

Sampson crankset. I had a pair and the non drive side crank snapped in two just before the summit of Hurricane Ridge!

Kristibee - 06/12/12 - 8:14am

Answer from Jason at Fair Wheel Bikes: “Sampson road crankset”

Dave - 06/12/12 - 8:21am

Sampson crankset. Had one snap in two while sprinting for a preme in a local crit

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