American Classic Developing Alloy Disc/Rim Brake Tubular & Tubeless Wheels for Cyclocross

American Classic aluminum TCX tubeless disc and rim brake cyclocross wheels and alloy tubular CX wheels

Coming this fall, American Classic will release two new alloy-rimmed cyclocross wheelsets.

Shown above, the tubular extrusion has a wide, shallow box section to provide a more forgiving ride. This rim has already been raced at the Paris Roubaix by Cofidis, so it’s rim brake compatible, too. It’ll come in a 32/32 spoke wheelset built around their Disc 130 (front) and Disc 225 (rear) hubs. The rim is their own design made in their own factory.

The new TCX wheelset will use a rim brake compatible alloy rim built on their Terrain disc hubs, giving you the option to run whatever style brakes you want. Rim width on this one is 26mm wide outside, 22mm inside and uses AC’s tubeless ready bead shape. The name, TCX, loosely stands for Touring/Cyclocross, indicating the wheels will be tough enough for light touring as well…or a bomb-proof commuter wheelset.

Pricing isn’t set for either wheelset, but look for the tubeless to be aimed squarely at the privateer and his/her budget. Both will have 135mm rear spacing.


Topmounter - 06/08/12 - 2:39pm

Maybe I’m missing the point entirely, but it sounds like they’re just putting rim-brake rims on disc brake hubs.

michael - 06/08/12 - 2:54pm

So if you were going to run disc brakes you would not want use these wheels, since the rims would be heavier than they need to be.

brian - 06/08/12 - 8:12pm

Still awaiting some lightweight disc-specific rims with non-machined sidewalls for that all-black (or all-whatever color-you-want) look. It’s a chicken before the egg situation I suppose.

David - 06/09/12 - 1:00am

@ Brian, FRM of Italy also makes a nice 360 gram disc-specific tubular rim. It’s meant for 29er but I’m sure a cyclocross tubular would glue up nicely.

dgaddis - 06/11/12 - 1:28pm

TCX is a bad name choice, that’s what Giant calls their cross bike isn’t it?

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