Video – WTF! Overhead Pass in Downhill Race

That’s one way to do it. “On yer…nevermind.”


Fiets verkopen - 06/06/12 - 1:06pm

That’s the spirit, no need for a warning this way 😉

Evan - 06/06/12 - 2:52pm

Not to be debbie-downer but the rider that jumped the other could have killed him by breaking his neck. Was it really worth it?

Riley - 06/06/12 - 3:30pm

Totally worth it!

mkrs - 06/06/12 - 3:49pm

@Evan – in case you haven’t notice it earlier, DH cycling is all about riding like you could break your own neck. The same is true for sprinting or going downhill in the Alps in road cycling – you know well you could get seriously hurt but you do it anyway ’cause this is WHY you do this.

Topmounter - 06/06/12 - 4:36pm

Why is the slow guy even on the course to begin with…???

Tom - 06/06/12 - 5:22pm

Like a boss.

bk - 06/06/12 - 5:30pm

Balls. Huge Balls.

Gillis - 06/06/12 - 6:16pm

@mkrs, I think you missed Evans point. It’s one thing to put yourself in harms way in the name of fun but another to needlessly risk others safety in such a manner is just stupid.

Dan - 06/06/12 - 6:22pm

Anyone think it might hve been a blind jump, and he might not have know the other guy had taken the go around.

Mike - 06/06/12 - 7:29pm

@Dan. Blind jump, I agree. The slower rider passes the ramp at the beginning and his choice of ‘chicken’ run would be out of the sight line of the faster guy who is, let’s face it, caning it.

Saris - 06/06/12 - 7:35pm

If you watch the video closely you’ll see the ladder drop on right hand side of the video about 3 seconds in. It was a very sketch pass. Their is no doubt in my mind that the rider hitting the jump saw the slower rider and decided to go for it. Probably didn’t want this to happen

Anyone else notice the video was titled “Insane Pass In Downhill BMX Race.” Lol.

The Dude - 06/06/12 - 8:35pm

“DOWNHILL BMX,” yeah, that’s rich…

Assuming this footage is from a race run and not practice, the passer is a huge sandbagger.

Bob - 06/06/12 - 10:02pm


MissedThePoint - 06/06/12 - 11:17pm

It’s titled Downhill BMX cause the guy, who basically ripped it from the original and reuploaded it, is relatively clueless.

I believe this is the original one:

mkrs - 06/06/12 - 11:41pm

@Gillis Suddenly braking to a complete stop on a twisty slope and blocking the route by two bikers (instead of just one) could be just as dangerous.

Also please kindly note that the guy getting passed was himself a great danger to himself (and to the others as well) as he took part in a race on a course he clearly couldn’t handle. Not that I don’t appreciate his skills (as my DH skills are sub-zero and I admire anyone even trying!) but he clearly seems unable to ride this course in a decent pace which suggests he was just looking for trouble there…

Will - 06/07/12 - 9:20am

With everyone trying to capitalize on youtube stardom these days. . . perhaps it was all just planned

JoeKing - 06/07/12 - 10:07am

If you notice in the extended version the “racing line” is to the RIGHT of the tree. This becomes a (rather ballsy) jump at “racing” speed.

The camera rider mistakenly thought he was in a trials competition & took the “ground” line to the left. The flyer was at his normal pace & no doubt previously jumped this & was committed to the jump & the camera man was just became an obstacle (to be jumped).

Remember the flyer started 30sec. (or more) behind & caught the guy who should spend more time on riding skills than posting YouTube videos. Just another case of if you are slow you are at risk to yourself & others. Go fast or go home.

Champs - 06/07/12 - 3:08pm

The other link to that video says: “Er kam von hinten etwas schneller als ich und sah mich nicht”.

In American wordy-talk, that means “he came from behind somewhat faster than me, and did not see me.”

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