Prototype Fox 40 Photos Surface! Updated

These images of a “prototype” Fox 40 were posted via twitter by GT head mechanic Pete Michalisyzn.

The fork lowers were labeled “slugger” which indicated they are likely meant for Marc Beaumont’s carbon GT Fury DH bike. The lowers are all new and feature redesigned dropouts and post mounts. Just below the seals are what appear to be oil ports which would allow the user to apply grease directly to the seals.

Rumor has it the prototype is a full air fork, not simply air assisted, like the hybrid 40s sold OEM on the Trek 9.9.

Updated with more pictures.

It appears that Team GT is hopping on the DH Power Meter trend.


Greg Minnaar has also uploaded photos  of his new prototype Fox 40. According to his twitter feed, these pictures were taken during a Fox Racing Shox test session held at Leogang.

Steve Peats fork also received the new prototype goodness.



Ploutre - 05/29/12 - 7:15am

Postmount, not IS for the brake mounts :)

Shredder - 05/29/12 - 8:37am

Oil ports on moto forks? Hmm, that’s strange, I’ve never had oil ports on any of the forks on the dozens of motorcycles I’ve owned.

SL - 05/29/12 - 1:21pm

Either I’m seeing things, or those stanchions aren’t… 40mm?

KJR - 05/29/12 - 1:59pm

@SL: They’re 40mm. Look at the lowers, on the inside they say 40. But the lowers themselves are way skinnier. Look at how much they step down in size below the seals.

hoser - 05/31/12 - 2:14pm

That ENVE DH bar looks like they might be the new 35 mm clamp diameter that Easton introduced. It looks thicker than the stanchions on the fork!

Saris - 06/05/12 - 12:53am


I thought the same thing but according to Enve its just a normal 31.8 bar.

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