Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge: Big Poppi Bicycle Co. – Manhattan, KS

Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge entry from Big Poppi Bicycle Co. out of Manhattan, Kansas. “We have really been trying to return this industry to way back days — not technologically but interpersonally.  We think the video (and our website) both work in that direction.”

We will be closing the Bike Shop Video Challenge on May 31st . You have two more days to get us your video! The Bikerumor staff will select our top 5 and let you vote on the winner during the first week of June. Winning shop will get a feature interview on and the Bikerumor Cup trophy!


scott - 05/31/12 - 2:36pm

A bike shop that brews beer together is my kind of bike shop!

TAYLOR - 06/18/12 - 5:56pm


Mortimer - 06/18/12 - 8:03pm

Well done. That shop does have a good feel. Around here on the East Coast of Australia chain stores are putting the little guys our of business. The big places barely provide service and can’t service. I’ve supported my independent LBS for 25rys. Long live the LBS.

Jdog - 08/18/12 - 8:59am

These are good people. Buy stuff from them. Support people not huge corps.

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