Carbon Specialized Demo Spotted in ad!

This picture was uploaded by the folks at Art’s Cyclery. According to them:

“We have just tripped across photos of the new 2013 Specialized Demo 8 Carbon published in the latest issue of Mountain Bike Action. It appears that this was published before Specialized intended, as there has been no official press release. Because we receive the issues before they appear on the newstand, we found that we have a bit of a scoop to pass along to our readers. Enjoy!”

The ad reads:

“The Demo 8 is born from desire – our desire to design and engineer the fastest dh bike in the world. Two years in the making and race-proven by Sam Hill and Troy Brosnan, the S-Works Demo 8 is the first carbon DH bike to win a world championship, with 200 mm of travel and a super-tough fact carbon frame. Getting sick never felt so good.”

FYI: The first world cup to be won on a carbon downhill bike was in Rotoura in 2006. Cam Cole won the Jr Worlds on a full carbon gearbox equipped Lahar M9. Edit: Good thing commentor SlackBoy’s memory goes back even further than mine. Nico Voiulloz won the 1997 DH World Champs on a carbon 6″ travel Sun Chipie.

We’ll let you know more details as we learn them. For know all we know is that it appears that only the front triangle will be carbon and the bike may appear in Specialized 2013 line up.



M3ichael - 05/23/12 - 3:23pm

I don’t see a bike. I’ll I see is a nurse with a pump.

SlackBoy - 05/23/12 - 3:56pm

Didn’t Nico Vouilloz win 1997 world champs on a carbon front triangled Sunn Radical (last couple of mins)

Tom - 05/23/12 - 4:01pm

That’s a Team bike because of the black for stanctions. Sam and Troy are both on the BlackBox SRAM program and that’s the only place you’ll find a black BoXXer. They are the only ones with a Carbon Demo currently.

The Dude - 05/23/12 - 6:18pm

@ Tom:

“Specifications subject to change” is common in situations like this. Unless, that is, RockShox is bringing DLC coated stanchions to market for 2013.

alloycowboy - 05/23/12 - 6:29pm

You know that is a pretty raunchy ad. The ad seems to suggest that Specilized can’t sell the Demo 8 on its own merit so they have to wrap it in softcore porn to give it more curb apeal. Just compare it to the Intense M9 ads and you will see what I mean.

LG - 05/23/12 - 6:52pm

I have a carbon Demo too!

pfs - 05/23/12 - 10:21pm

i have to agree, i do not see any bike in the picture. maybe it didnt process correctly

ShopMechanic - 05/24/12 - 8:46pm

Thanks for giving Art’s credit for posting the picture, Saris. I can’t say the same thing for all the other big sites that posted the picture as well.

Ciclismo - 05/28/12 - 2:36am

Quick question: where is Rotoura? Did you mean Rotorua per chance?

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