Paul Components Minimoto V-Brakes Now Available

Paul Components Mini Moto V-Brakes Now Available

Alongside a bunch more new items in Paul Components NAHBS booth were these Minimoto linear pull brakes, and they’re now shipping.

The Minimoto is a compact V-brake designed to work with short pull levers, which includes standard drop bar road bike levers. This lets you run your standard brake/shift lever road group and get the right amount of leverage at the brakes without any force amplifying gizmos in between. It’s also way easier to install and set up than traditional ‘cross cantilevers.

Claimed weight is 108g per wheel and retail is $129 (update: per wheel). They’re available in silver or black ano, come with Kool Stop pads and use Paul’s easy quick release design and sealed stainless steel pivot bushings.


Barburuksi - 05/20/12 - 12:16pm

Maybe Paul will come out with a disc brake in about 15 years 😉

mkrs - 05/20/12 - 2:43pm

The price is a joke, right?

Mark W. - 05/20/12 - 3:47pm

what im looking at here is a $129 a wheel, so $258 for a set?
that is a pair of TRP’s or Shorty Ultimate’s with change left to buy pair of nice cross tires.

These brakes look super cheap, like target bike cheap with no cartridge pads, the asymmetric curves, and the preload spring tension at the bolt.

Aaron - 05/20/12 - 3:56pm

$129 a pair would be too much considering what you’re getting, much less $129 per wheel.

mark trousdale - 05/20/12 - 6:24pm

look great. i’ll be switching out my neoretros for a pair of these this fall. the preload adjustment is similar to that found on a lot of bmx ubrakes and works better than any other canti system out there.
also these brakes are made in the US. $258 alone barely buys a nice set of cross tires so i dont know what planet you’re getting brakes and tires for 250. support nonchina made parts and support your local bike shop.

Dave - 05/20/12 - 7:34pm

“Paul’s brakes for people who can’t adjust cantis!”

Seriously though, those look nice, and the spring tension adjustment on Paul’s brakes works very well. I have a set of Motolites and Neo-retro/touring cantis and they’re all excellent brakes.

Sevo - 05/20/12 - 8:40pm

Can’t believe people are complaining about price. If you want sexy, you always pay for it. Hot girlfriends vs average looking girlfriends. Ferrari vs Corvette. It’s the oldest game in the book.

Sure…it’s expensive stuff. But as someone who’s dated hot women and had his chance to drive a Ferrari, I can tell you it’s always worth it :)

Paul makes good stuff. Employs US bike loving peeps. Prices aren’t all that outrageous. Avid Ultimate V-Brakes cost more, the shorty cross brakes (which won’t be as powerful) cost $214 set on Competitive Cyclist. And both weigh more if you want to be a weenie about it.

Roland - 05/20/12 - 9:32pm

If these actually work with regular road levers, and I can get rid of the problem solvers on the tandem, I’ll buy a set in a second. Eagerly waiting a review…

Jason - 05/20/12 - 9:48pm

What is the arm length on these? I would like to be able to compare them to the mini V-brakes from Tektro.

Also why are the arms asymmetric? Seems like this would make the cable run at an angle when running the brakes on different width rims. Also seems like it could make one arm more powerful, causing rim deflection.

If there is no performance advantage I will purchase the Tektro 926AL’s and save myself $100.

MW - 05/20/12 - 10:07pm

The price is totally ridiculous!!

Mark W. - 05/21/12 - 1:09am

these paul brakes are weighed with out pads at 108 grams, shorty ultimate’s weigh in at 115 with pads per wheel. unless those kool stop pads weigh in as 7grams per pair, you are incorrect the paul brake is a heavier and more expensive brake.
Im also missing the part where these at all look sexy.

Speedy - 05/22/12 - 12:59am

So the reason these exists, the Panaracer Fire Cross 45c tire. Seriously. I was told by more than one builder that that tire is why these brakes are around. Now, build up a gravel road / off road touring rig and use these and be happy already.

Gyro2 - 09/25/12 - 3:36am

If you think thrse are sexy you must date some real bow wows. These look like a vocational highschool project gone very bad. Sexy??? LOL

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