The Hornster – A Booming Bicycle To Frighten the Populous

The Hornster is loud, really loud, its horn maxing out at 178 decibels. That’s roughly equivalent to a transport truck horn. Lodged between the rider’s knees on this custom frame is a scuba tank rigged to a Locomotive Airchime KH3A triple air horn. Designed by Yannick Read of the UK’s Environmental Transport Association, this bike promises to give volume to the dangers that cyclists face while riding. The Hornster is for sale now for £4,995 (roughly $8000) if it’s got your wallet screaming. Check it out at ETA’s website.

Click ‘more’ for images of the Hornster…

Hornster Bike

Hornster Bike Closeups

Original article at Gizmag.


h2ofuel - 05/14/12 - 11:40am

Me so horny.

Brad - 05/16/12 - 4:17pm

In this context, it’s “to frighten the populace”

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