Thrones Unveils Speed Demon Saddle, Because Racing Stripes Make You Fast

Thrones Speed Demon bike saddle with racing stripesThrones has added another style to their graphically loaded bike saddle collection, the Speed Demon.

It’s the same shape and design as their other saddles, but with a simple, racy red and white stripe design that should match up well with all of the black/red/white road bikes out there.

Their saddles have a rounded off tail section, which makes them good for cyclocross, too, since they’re easy to get off the back of and in our testing are fairly comfortable. They have a microfiber cover, super light padding, hollow titanium rails and a nylon/carbon fiber shell.

MSRP is $159.99.


indiefab - 05/10/12 - 10:59am

To replace my ti-railed WTB Silverado, it would have to be either lighter, cheaper or more comfortable. I’ve bought saddles based on looks and it never works out.

Watchtower - 05/10/12 - 12:03pm

No thanks, I’ll stick with my WTB Rocket V

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