Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge: Jack & Adam’s Bicycles – Austin, TX

Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge entry from Jack & Adam’s Bicycles out of Austin, TX.


CS - 05/10/12 - 10:48am

Maybe not the flashiest bike shop around, but without a doubt the best sales/service team in the business. Can’t say enough incredible things about this shop. Don’t let the triathlon side of things put you off…this is one amazing shop!

Charles Snyder - 05/10/12 - 1:51pm

I am completely turned off by the triathlete focus.

Jim - 05/10/12 - 4:03pm

I am a pure roadie and this is the best shop I have ever been to, hands down. Their customer service is unmatched and their mechanics have risen to every challenge I have presented. They seem to be always busy but handle each customer the same. Triathlon focus or not, I won’t take my bike anywhere else.

Corin - 05/10/12 - 7:11pm

Love them! Maybe they are coded as a “tri focus” but from what I have seen there they have everything anyone needs to get out and ride road or tri. And recently in 2011 they brought on MTB bikes so they also have parts and accessories to take care of the off roaders. Not only that but if you need some swim gear they have everything…one stop shopping. I am a female cyclist and I also enjoy the shop because it is never intimidating for me (that is not the case with other shops)…

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