Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Original Merckx at Exceller Bikes in Brugge, Belgium

bikerumor pic of the day eddy merckx at excelled bikes in brugge, belgium

Photo submitted by Jim from his extended vacation in Brugge, Belgium. “We came across this bike in a shop and the owner explained that this Eddy Merckx frame was one of 50 commissioned by Merckx in the early 1970’s… this one was never ridden by Merckx, but was a spare – The frame is the original but the gearing and pedals have been updated with modern equipment.” If you’re ever in Brugge, you can see it for yourself at Exceller Bikes.

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BillyBob - 05/09/12 - 1:45pm

Sacrilege! The crankset I might countenance, but those brake/shift levers are SO wrong. I’ve got some era-appropriate Super Record components that would suit that frame. Tell the boys in Belgium to strip it down and send it over!

Mark W. - 05/10/12 - 12:56am

how did they hang the rear mech on that frame?
it doesnt have the correct holes to put a modern derailleur on.
cool bike though, i would just take the pedals off if its for display.

Matt - 05/11/12 - 6:28am

Made by Ernesto Colnago if I’m not mistaken. That thing is likely worth a fortune.

Bart - 05/12/12 - 1:38pm

Eddy Merckx, also known as ‘The Cannibal’ sure does make great looking bicycles, I recently found this one, a limited Anniversary edition Eddy Merckx.

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