NuVinci Adds Quick Release Axle Option for Internal Gear Rear Hub

NuVinci N360 QR2 quick release axle for internal gear bicycle hubs allows trailers and other add ons

NuVinci has just added a quick release axle option/upgrade for their internally geared rear bicycle hubs. On the surface, it may not seem like huge news, but here’s why we’re excited: First, it eases flat changes simply because it doesn’t require a wrench to remove the rear tire. One less worry and tool for commuters.

Second, it opens up options for aftermarket trailers. With many commuter bikes now coming disc-brake equipped, trailers and child carriers that clamp or strap to the chainstay or seatstay simply won’t work (the clamp usually interferes with the rotor and/or caliper, and if you mount it too far forward your heel hits it). And unless you’re committed to pulling an axle mounted trailer or other appendage full time, most of us simply aren’t willing to bolt/unbolt the rear hub every time we want to attach something; we just grab a different bike. But, we have a lot of bikes to choose from. Most cyclists have one commuter and rely on it for everything. A quick release means they can now quickly pop in something like the RideKick or other axle mounted trailer.


Mark - 05/08/12 - 2:41pm

As nice and clean as this solution is, it does not provide a normal Q/R solution that would allow some of the fitments that you suggest. The NuVinci is using the Axel Release ( system. The Axle is not hollow, and the QR is using the solid axle of the hub to make this magic work.

Mark - 05/08/12 - 2:44pm

As cool as this solution looks, it does not allow the use of the Q/R mounting that you suggest. The NuVinci is using the Axle Release ( system. It’s a great way to add a Q/R to a solid axle. BUT, since the axle of the Nu Vinci is not hollow, these trailer or other designs that use a “normal” Q/R will not work.

Tyler (Editor) - 05/18/12 - 11:23am

Mark, thanks for the link and update…good to know.

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