Mountain Mama Introduces Cycling Apparel: Available This Summer


Mountain Mama produces active apparel for ladies with a baby bump.

The company designs and produces all of its products in the USA!

The new cycling line up is comprised of the form fitting, Ardennes Jersey, which retails for a reasonable $58, and the Emilia Cycling Bib short which retails for $68.

The cycling clothes are made with their proprietary EstiraMesh, but they also use plant-based fabrics such as Tencel, Bamboo, or Modal whenever possible.

The company also produces a full range of attractive hiking, running, and yoga gear for the adventurous mama-to-be.

With mothers day just around the corner (seriously, its this Sunday, don’t forget!) perhaps you should hop over to their website.




Dicky - 05/08/12 - 3:50pm

Don’t know too many women in their third trimester doing some off-roading… They should design a helmet for the stomach.

Livin' in a van down by the river - 05/08/12 - 4:14pm

Also fits great on perpetually pregnant-looking fat guys (in a little coat).

ascar larkinyar - 05/09/12 - 11:06am

mommy please don’t fall off the bike when i am still inside of you……

BillyBob - 05/09/12 - 12:45pm

Good to see a company making gear for women like my wife! She was riding safely thru 40 weeks with both our sons — with her medical team’s blessing. She got grief from people who didn’t know better. But the hormones that relax the ligaments prior to delivery had made walking and jogging excruciating, so cycling was one of the few forms of comfortable exercise to keep her and our babies healthy. And the OBs and midwifes were clear that moderate exercise was important. I’m all for due caution, but in 27 years of riding and racing I’ve never seen a rider with crash rash on the stomach. And a fire road is going to be safer than crossing the street — no cars!

Jen C - 05/09/12 - 1:43pm

Women can and do bike well into their 3rd trimester if they are able and want to. I would have loved these when I was pregnant!

Mindless - 05/09/12 - 5:04pm

They should make one for a beer belly.

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