Friday Shredits: Get Amped For Your Weekend.

Just because you’re not riding a couch with wheels doesn’t mean you can’t go big. Freeride legends Thomas Vanderham and Wade Simmons show us what it looks like when they take their little bikes out to play.

If you were wondering, yes, the Element MSL is the same frame Marc rode on the 16.5 mile loop in the 24 hr race on  the Old Pueblo course!

Want more? Work slow? Coffees not cutting it? We’ve got you covered. Check past the break.

Brendan Fairclough may not have podiumed at 2012 Sea Otter Classic where he competed in the Dual Slalom, DH, and Speed and Style events – but he’s still a blast to watch.

This BMX edit featuring Chad Kerley was filmed in less than two weeks. The rap soundtrack isn’t the greatest (it approaches horrible) so you might want to hit mute and just enjoy.


satisFACTORYrider - 05/04/12 - 4:38pm

little bikes + big balls = 2 legends

Mr. Man - 05/04/12 - 4:47pm

What’s wrong with the soundtrack?

yay!it's the weekend - 05/05/12 - 9:09pm

Yeah, the soundtrack to the BMX video was simplistic kiddie stuff and lame….but the riding and video work ??? awesome!!!!

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