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O-tus near ear open air helmet mount miniature surround sound speakers for athletes

The O-tus mini-speaker system uses two tiny 15 watt directional speakers to create surround sound around your ears without blocking outside noises. And, because they don’t actually go on or in your ears, they don’t violate many states’ laws about operating a vehicle (yes, that includes bicycles in most cases) with earphones in.

Wires are short, just long enough to reach a small MP3 player or Bluetooth repeater on the top or back of the helmet. It comes with enough mounting material to set up two helmets, making it an interchangeable system. The speakers and MP3 player use Snap Lock pieces (like Velcro, only stronger and better) to attach to the helmet. There’s also a 2-foot extension cable if you want to run the speakers directly to your phone or put your player in a hydration pack or jersey pocket.

“I got tired of finishing a ride and pulling off my helmet and having it yank the cord out or get tangled up,” said founder Joe Axtell. “This keeps the system completely contained on the helmet. Because of the open air design, you’ll hear every bird, every sound.”

The system retails for $42.00 and includes shipping within the US.

O-tus near ear open air helmet mount miniature surround sound speakers for athletes

They are not for use in your ear…they’re 15 watts and will destroy you. Well, your cilia anyway. Axtell says at a safe (i.e. moderate) volume, only you will be able to hear your music, not your riding buddies.

O-tus near ear open air helmet mount miniature surround sound speakers for athletes

Don’t have a small MP3 player like the iPod shuffle or nano? They also sell (or you can get them anywhere) two different Bluetooth controllers that the speakers will plug into and are small enough to sit on your helmet. Then just connect the BT piece to your phone and stream away.


Pete - 05/03/12 - 5:01am

Yeah but is it any good?

Duke - 05/03/12 - 7:42am

I modded a pr of headphones exactly like the ones shown a few years back. and for group riding this is the way to go .

joe axtell - 06/13/12 - 7:10pm

Not only do they work great but i hike and fly fish with them. I still can hear every thing! just use a bandanna to hold them just above your ears. their use is limit less! i love mine :)

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