Dr. Allen Lim’s Secret Drink Mix Rebooted as Skratch Labs

Dr Allen Lim Skratch sports drink mix replaces secret drink mix

Dr. Allen Lim, who you may recall from a few of our recent interviews (here and here) or from his adventures feeding a few pro cyclists over the years, has given his little Secret Drink Mix a branding makeover.

The redesign comes as he’s prepping a retail push and developing a few new products. No, gels won’t be among them (read the interviews and you’ll see why), but real-food energy bars, like his infamous rice cakes, could be on deck. We’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, literally, and it’s good stuff. If you’re the type of person that gets a sour stomach from any sports drink, Skratch might be worth a whirl.

About the name: Lim says it’s a play on “made from scratch” which he endorses as a meal prep method for everyone (and athletes in particular) rather than buying prepackaged, prepared foods. We’re on board, particularly since most packaged foods these days have more chemical ingredients than actual food ingredients.


Jerad - 05/02/12 - 7:06pm

This stuff has solved my cramping legs and made my stomach happy, scratch labs is the best drink I’ve ever used

Jerad - 05/02/12 - 7:07pm

oops, sorry *Skratch*

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