Paul Basagoita Lands the First Double BackFlip on Natural Terrain

According to a press release by Teva earlier today, Paul Basagoita became the first mountain biker to land a double back flip on natural terrain. Its an incredible achievement all things considered, but when I heard the term “natural terrain,” I was expecting something a little different.

The idea of a free rider booting a massive trick over a natural obstacle recalls images of Darren Berrecloth racing down mountainsides in distant corners of the world – not a giant manicured booter. Semantics aside, Paul’s clip is awesome. Even after a few major spills, he gets up, and tries again until he finally nails it.

Want More? Check past the break to watch Andrea Lacondeguy nailing a dirt to dirt double back flip (on a hardtail) in a clip from NWD 8.


Scott - 04/30/12 - 7:37pm

How is that “natural”?

Jeepster - 04/30/12 - 11:29pm

What was natural it took a shovel to built it?

Rich - 05/01/12 - 1:29am

Bas looks sooooo excited about his accomplishment. Not.

John - 05/01/12 - 8:23am

I wonder how many bikes he wrecked before pulling this off? Still, have to admire his persistence!

Mike - 05/01/12 - 9:29am

How is this natural when it took a shovel to build it?

plum - 05/01/12 - 11:50am

Damn. That is a mouthful of s*** to eat at 1:01.

Ron - 05/01/12 - 1:09pm

That terrain’s about as natural as Red Bull–although it probably tastes better.

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