Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic

Photo from the collection of Jason Woznick of Fair Wheel Bikes. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

To send in your own Mystery Pic to be considered for the Monday feature, click here and attach your photo with all pertinent information.


Jim Goldsberry - 04/30/12 - 8:03am

Campy side pull brake

Wally - 04/30/12 - 8:28am

CLB brakes I believe the the model was called Omega

carl - 04/30/12 - 9:33am


joby - 04/30/12 - 9:36am

Dia-Compe BRS

Michael-Vittoria Shoes - 04/30/12 - 9:58am

CLB or Modolo. Can’t tell completely.

David - 04/30/12 - 10:48am

Appears to be CLB with blind anchor bolt attachment, yet didn’t usually have allen head center bolt.

Jeroen - 04/30/12 - 2:57pm

DiaCompe’s. Also sold as FRM (Italy)

Kristibee - 05/01/12 - 10:47am

Answer from Jason at Fair Wheel Bikes: “CLB Caliper Brakes”

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