Absolute Black Shows 6-Bolt Brake Rotor – Lightweight & Centerlock Interchangeable

Absolute Black floating IS 6-bolt disc brake rotor for mountain bikes and cyclocross

Absolute Black showed off what they claimed to be the lightest Centerlock rotor a few months back, and now they’ve got an IS 6-bolt version ready to show.

It won’t be available for another two or three months, but founder Marcin says the weight for a 160mm is 81g, about 11g lighter than his comparable Centerlock version. It’s not the lightest we’ve seen, but it’s respectable and it’s got a pretty trick feature: Everything’s swappable.

Got one wheelset that’s Centerlock and one that’s 6-bolt? No problem, just order up the carrier and swap the braking surface as they’re 100% interchangeable. Think you might want to biggie size your rotors one day? Fear not, you can screw on a 180mm friction ring to the same carrier, saving about 30% over buying a full rotor. They’ll likely run about £110.


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