Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge: Ride On Bikes – Columbus, GA

 Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge entry from Ride On Bikes out of Columbus, GA.


Mark Ifi - 04/29/12 - 2:24pm

it’s embarrassing! what outfit! what cockpit setup! not cool! exclamation mark!

Mike - 04/29/12 - 5:04pm

Don’t be a hater . .. . makes me want to get on plane to GA.

EAB - 04/29/12 - 5:59pm

Can someone please explain his choice of attire? I’m all for aero and staying warm, but this is just confusing.

Jeremiah - 04/29/12 - 9:32pm

And they left the shipping sticker on. Wow.

Brad - 04/29/12 - 9:55pm

Badass vid…makes me want to get out and ride…on bikes

hv - 04/29/12 - 9:59pm

Nice tall flanges on those hubs, what are they?

heavyd - 04/29/12 - 10:01pm

What in the hell is he wearing? It looks like he left his jersey at home and rode with his bibs on only. Awful!

dropdeadfred - 04/30/12 - 7:30am

to be fair the other shop in Columbus did this to compete.

called it “Epic” the only thing epic about it is the fact they FILMED a guy on TV and that they got the address wrong in the end. “Across for airport”

luke - 04/30/12 - 11:05am

dude…if it’s cold enough to wear a hat and some weird chinstrap thing i’ve never seen and gloves then it is cold enough to wear a jersey with sleeves….or even better a long sleeve jersey.

veloseeraper - 04/30/12 - 11:41am

lmao @ that other vid. Although the attire in the original vid is questionable it is still a good spot. I liked it!

JD - 04/30/12 - 11:44am

Looks like he is riding to a S&M Convension. What an outfit.

reames - 04/30/12 - 4:52pm

i thought it was pretty cool. nice orbea by the way.

Chewbikka - 04/30/12 - 11:14pm

Those hubs are Chris King BTW. Hand-built by Byron at Ride On Bikes!

Ed - 05/01/12 - 8:21pm

As to the video, meh. As to the riding kit, like Luke said.

Cindy - 05/01/12 - 10:29pm

Who IS that masked man?

Pablo Tan Santa - 05/04/12 - 1:15am

“Some say you’re a triathlete, stop pissing on your bike.”

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