SE Retro Headset Spacers – For a Classic Aesthetic

SE Retro Headset Spacers Multicolors

SE Bikes loves the classics, still manufacturing the fluted seatpost. Now, they have additional retro bling in the lineup. SE’s 10mm Retro Headset Spacers emulate threaded lock nuts to make threadless headsets look old-school threaded.  They’ll fit any standard 1-1/8″ steer tubes. Available in the colors featured above, each aluminum spacer can be picked up for $5.50.  You can buy them here.

Click ‘more’ to see them locked down…

SE Retro Headset Spacers Stem


WV Cycling - 04/28/12 - 11:18am

I saw these about a week ago for the first time. Makes me almost regret being a weight weenie. Such a novel and retro-cool idea.

Androo - 04/28/12 - 2:56pm

I actually like these, despite being the opposite of a retro grouch. Neat.

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