Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge: Bicycle Gallery – Jacksonville, NC

 Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge entry from Bicycle Gallery in Jacksonville, NC.


Anonymoose - 04/26/12 - 10:26am

Just. Stop…

Hungry4Shht - 04/26/12 - 10:57am

stupid. too much kool aid.

Caseofthemondays - 04/26/12 - 12:54pm

That was horrible. Based on this commercial I would never shop there.

Mike - 04/26/12 - 2:05pm

I thought that this was hilarious. Too bad earthquakes keep putting specialized down…

Katelyn - 04/26/12 - 4:59pm

This was really creative, great video!

Chipollini - 04/26/12 - 5:05pm

Looking at those glasses with the specialized S stickers on them makes me think of the Nazi SS symbols… just say’n

MotorKill - 04/26/12 - 5:15pm

This was by far the WORST entry so far. Also, Special-ED bikes sucks “******”

speedy - 04/26/12 - 5:51pm

I wonder if they will carry Volagi soon?

Ezra - 04/26/12 - 7:10pm

hahaha that was great! I don’t care if the others don’t like specialized. I don’t ride specialized either, but watching that was pure entertainment

yayitsfriday - 04/27/12 - 6:09am

Sorry Trolls. This is nice work, well done and good for a morning laugh.

JESUS CHRISTO - 04/27/12 - 8:09am

Funny video, crappy bikes.

Dogpatch - 04/27/12 - 11:10am

Well, not bad from a shop really….looks like someone has some video editing skill and audio mixing skills or they hired someone to help them win the contest.

I must point out, if you want to put an S-works on their financing:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 29.99%
Paying Interest: Your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle.

30 percent? wholly crap
and not even 30 days to pay your bill.

John - 04/27/12 - 12:00pm

Great effort shame about them being Specialized bikes though.

jeff - 04/27/12 - 12:16pm

Great video!

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