Ibis Maximus 59er Crushes All Comers, plus 650B & 29er Rumors

Ibis Maximus 59er mountain bike and 29er 650B rumors

Ibis showed a prototype Ripley 29er last fall at Eurobike, and it’s still in development. Pro Evan Plews raced it this weekend at Sea Otter, but founder Scot Nicol said they’re in no hurry, they want to get it just right. That said, it’s likely to come out this fall at the tradeshows as a production bike. Travel will 120mm.

While that project plugs along, they’re also experimenting with 650B on their Mojo HD using some of the early new forks from Fox with an AngleSet to play with geometries. No particular timeline, but Nicol says they’re open to the wheelsize and thinks there’s a place for it. Like most other brands, he says 29ers reach functional limits around 130mm of travel.

As for the beast above, it’s the Ibis Maximus 59er. Check out the details on it here. It’s 1,000 pounds and had to brought in on a flatbed an forklifted off. No word on where it’s going after the show.


Jim Dewan - 04/22/12 - 2:47pm

I want Ibis to make the Tranny into a 650B

Gregg C - 04/22/12 - 3:00pm

So what’s the timeline on a carbon 59er? That should save a few pounds.

dhbomber - 04/22/12 - 3:21pm

Cool to see Ibis open to the medium wheel size. AFAIK people are running mojo’s with 650b wheels for a while now, it’ll be interesting how a proper 650b for up front work for the mojo hd, now that fox has one.

Jeremiah - 04/22/12 - 8:04pm

I don’t care how much it costs to move it, I want that thing in my backyard!

Bob - 04/22/12 - 10:55pm

That is a riot. But what I can’t get over is what looks like the lack of people attending the event.

Jake - 04/23/12 - 9:25pm

Shame… the 59er would have been cool if they had put a dropper post on it… it’s just lame without it… [/sarcasm]

troy - 09/05/12 - 3:38pm

Ibis, please go 650b fast. A SLR w/140mm and an Hd would be cool. Im an aggressive xc/trail rider my dream bike would be a 28# mojo 27.5 w/a 13.3 bb. ht 68 deg h/a (med. frame) 43.8″ wheel base 17″ chain stay that fits 2.3″ nobby nics 22.8 top tube. With a 140mm fork. There is my order for my idea of the most perfict all around Mojo please build it soon, it’ll rock.

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