Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge: Victory Bicycle Studio – Memphis, TN

 Our first entry for the Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge comes from Victory Bicycle Studio in Memphis, TN.




Brian Smith - 04/20/12 - 3:23pm

Somebody should get them drinking good beer…

luke - 04/20/12 - 5:57pm

i thought the exact same thing! …..Miller high life??? really guys….high life?
the conversations in the empty bar are uncormfortable.

SoloSzabi - 04/21/12 - 5:21am

Aaaa…. Can I have a job here, please? I am sick about margin and profit in my actual work… I wanna work in a REAL bike shop!!!!

Arne - 04/26/12 - 9:24pm

I enjoyed this video. Though some of the dialog in the bar seemed too contrived, the sincerity of their delivery showed their passion for cycling and service to the cycling community. Good job Victory Bicycle studio

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