SOC12 Randomness – Coyle’s Wood Helmets & Xpedo’s Mag Flat Pedals

Coyle wooden bicycle helmets

Coyle’s Tree Piece helmets use hard and soft woods like Douglas Fir (his standard), Myrtle, Red, Maple, Walnut and Oak. Maker/Owner Dan Coyle can make them out of anything, and says the harder woods are more durable but the softer ones do better with impact absorption.

More pics and things after the break…


He mostly uses cut cork for the insides rather than EPS foam, and they’ve passed the CPSC test done at ACT labs. Weights aren’t really any more than a normal trail lid, and prices are $265 and up depending on wood and whether you want cork or foam inside.


He can also shape the vent holes and hole count how you want.



The new Xpedo Hurtle 22 flat pedal has a CNC’d magnesium body that puts it in at just 385g per pair. It rotates on a bushing and sealed cartridge bearing combo on a chromoly spindle. 10 pins per side, platform width is 90mm.


BradleyG - 04/21/12 - 7:57am

Apropos gear for knot-heads….my wife told me…..

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