Have Fully, Will Trials – Watch Chris Akrigg Get Back to Full Speed

Chris Akrigg is a tremendous trials rider. Scratch that. He’s fantastic on anything with two wheels, even a unfixed fixie. A few months back, he was injured in a truly horrific crash, during the filming of a video segment entitled Not if, But When. This video, Mind Games, follows Chris’s road to a full recovery. Watch him return to his roots, ride a little moto, and get back on his bike.

Skip ahead to the five minute mark to watch him hop back on his peddly bike. He’s not quite up to full speed yet, but he still kills it.

It’s great to see one of our favorite rides back in the saddle and we wish him all the best!


Justin - 04/16/12 - 10:28pm


Chris Akrigg has a riding style that I really relate to and find inspiring. Seems like a really cool dude as well.

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