Nau present their new “Pedal” collection – and are celebrating with a bike & outfit giveaway!

Environmentally aware urbane outdoor clothing company Nau have just announced their new “Pedal” collection of clothing and bags for men and women- and are giving away a bike/outfit combo to celebrate!  Nau clothing has always been good looking and versatile: hit the jump to see a couple of pieces, a classy looking backpack/pannier, and to find out how to win…

The men’s Courier windshirt (above) is an “all-in-one windshirt combines the style of tailored shirt with the waterproof + breathable technology of a cycling jacket. Knitted, four-way stretch fabric moves with the body, welded seams add protection, and longer, shaped sleeves provide coverage while in the saddle.”

The women’s Wafer pullover is “a sleek, slim, full-featured pullover shell. Intuitive design leaves only what’s essential: knitted, four-way stretch, waterproof/breathable fabric with a DWR finish for mobility and protection, and an adjustable hood that cinches down and moves with the body.”

Nau suggest that you “don’t sweat the commute: this fully-featured courier bag converts to a bike-rack compatible pannier to give you a cooler, more comfortable ride. Crafted from wool felt and recycled polyester, its roll-top design features a padded laptop pocket.”

And the contest?  It includes a folding/lockable Biomega BOS bike as well as the shirt, pair of pants or shorts, jacket and bag of your choice.  Not a bad kit…  Want in?  Visit or to enter.



Yeahaaa!!!_ - 04/12/12 - 8:18am

Great, now l can look like a hipster that spent $150 on a pair of shorts and $90 on shirt made in china. Cool!

Mike - 04/12/12 - 8:54am

*Moustache required

Tom - 04/12/12 - 8:56am

Are they sharing models with Rapha now?

Jamey - 04/12/12 - 4:26pm

At first, I thought this was a promo for “Portlandia.” And now I know that it IS, but just not intentionally…

BJ - 04/12/12 - 10:03pm

Is this the hipster version of Dr. Evil??

Dan - 04/13/12 - 7:37am

the only nice thing in the pic is that the guy looks a lot like Bronson

Guy - 04/14/12 - 2:17pm

Forget the clothing and bag. How much for the mustache and the hippie headband?

MikeMac - 04/16/12 - 2:46pm

Hey Nau – it looks great. Keep it up. Non-endemic interest in cycling is a GOOD thing, both for our industry and our society.


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