Kickstart This: GripRings

Two brothers make up Spurcycle, the company behind GripRings. They hope, with your help, to take this product and expand to more cycling accessories that will make our cycling lives easier. GripRings are a good start – individual, color customizable, silicone rings for all your handle bar gripping needs. Check out their campaign on Kickstarter to help them get this started.



Mortimer - 04/08/12 - 8:31pm

Dang! That’s a great idea. I’m normally a sceptic. These are cool and a great idea. I wear out the outside of my grips first brushing trees and could just replace the ends. People will love the fashionable part. I only wish I’d thought of it. Well done! A nicely executed simple idea.

Lars - 04/09/12 - 4:32am

So these rings make bikeriding so safe it´s unnecessary to wear a helmet?

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