Racing News – Watch Paris-Roubaix Live, London Toughens Up Olympic XC Mountain Bike Course

When you’re done hunting eggs (or before you get started depending on time zone), Check out the Paris-Roubaix live on Universal Sports. It’s presented by Competitive Cyclist, who’s offering a 20% discount on apparel and accessories to go along with it (use code PRTF20). They’re showing the Tour of the Basque Country now online and on air, too.

On the dirt, London Olympic 2012 organizers have decided to make the cross country mountain bike course a little tougher following feedback from athletes racing last year’s test event. A few parts will be widened to allow more passing opportunities, the main switchback climb has been lengthened and a new small climb has been built for the start. The latter will only be used on the first lap. Total climbing per 4.7km (2.92 mile) lap is now 172 meters, and some of the course has been made more technically challenging.


Matt - 04/06/12 - 11:30am

This sounds more like road racing!

rdbrecko - 04/06/12 - 2:05pm

Am I the only one that can’t find exactly when Paris-Roubaix is being shown on USN? I have USN but have been on their website and also on my guide and can’t find anything. Help!

flox - 04/06/12 - 3:46pm

Its on NBC sports not Universal.

Gillis - 04/06/12 - 3:51pm

I have it listed for 6-8am and again from 4-7pm (PST).

Gillis - 04/06/12 - 4:41pm

flox is right. The times I listed are for NBC Sports. I thought they were the same thing (they are affiliated)

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