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bikerumor monday mystery pic from fair wheel bikes

Photo from the collection of Jason Woznick of Fair Wheel Bikes. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Greg - 04/02/12 - 7:14am

carbon seatpost?

Renn Maus - 04/02/12 - 7:17am

I´ts an Easton carbon Seatpost

Godsight - 04/02/12 - 7:22am

Ax lightness seatpost with the logo buffed out

Marc - 04/02/12 - 8:11am

Have to jump in here: Buffalo Composite Design seatpost? Made right here in Albuquerque by Alex Morgan… I think that they also did some carbon-wrapped balsa DH bikes.

Mr Tiles - 04/02/12 - 8:20am

It almost looks like an Isaac’s Engineering post.

Bart Boma - 04/02/12 - 8:39am

Look ergo post

Ben - 04/02/12 - 8:55am

Its a ThreeFinger Carbon Stinkeye. Used to have one on my bike but it always slipped so I sold it.

Andres - 04/02/12 - 9:03am

A putter for a vertically challenged person?

Tom - 04/02/12 - 9:18am

Early Zipp seatpost?

Billy - 04/02/12 - 9:30am

Profile Design Fast Forward

Nick C - 04/02/12 - 9:35am

that is absolutely the work of Alex and Hawk Morgan of Buffalo Carbon Design (BCD)

Nick C - 04/02/12 - 9:37am

Matt - 04/02/12 - 9:56am

That’s definitely a Buffalo Carbon Design (BCD) Seatpost.

Matt - 04/02/12 - 9:57am

*Buffalo Composite Design

JimW - 04/02/12 - 1:01pm

Buffalo Carbon post.
Has two drillings for offset and and a carbon cradle.
I have one!
It’s really nice.

Gillis - 04/02/12 - 3:53pm

it’s crabon fibre kickstand

Manny - 04/02/12 - 6:45pm

Easton EC90SL offset seatpost

JOHN KLINKENBERG - 04/02/12 - 10:51pm


discodave - 04/02/12 - 11:44pm


Gtz - 04/02/12 - 11:51pm

Buffalo no doubt…

Kristibee - 04/03/12 - 8:30am

The answer from Jason at Fair Wheel Bikes: “Buffalo Composites carbon post (one of the first full carbon posts.)”

fukt - 04/04/12 - 4:33pm

Obviously this is a sex toy.

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