Kickstart This: The Companion Bike Seat

The Companion Bike Seat is now on Kickstarter and can be yours at a reduced price ($70-$115 depending on model) if you help support the campaign which runs through April 23rd. What better way to re-live the days when friends rode on the back of your banana seat bike?


Justin - 03/31/12 - 10:47am

Get a tandem you cheap b******.

Topmounter - 03/31/12 - 12:07pm

+1 for

Mr. P - 03/31/12 - 12:39pm

Looks like a ton of fun riding with the honey to the local bar. More fun coming back…


larsv - 03/31/12 - 1:12pm

uhmmm why?

Real men “transport” their ladies this way:

(anybody recognise the movie? :-) )

uglyyeti - 03/31/12 - 6:03pm

So it’s a rack and bmx pegs?

BigGirlsBeBeautiful - 03/31/12 - 7:17pm

This is sooooo discriminatory.

WTF, not everybody’s girlfriend is under 200 lbs.

Cam - 04/01/12 - 12:22am

Girls over 200lbs shouldn’t be sitting on the back of these things anyways…they should be pedaling bikes.

professorVelo - 04/01/12 - 8:04am

someone should tell the one chick that bare feet and spokes don’t mix.

Loren - 04/01/12 - 12:01pm

Where are the helmets?? I dont understand…

mark trousdale - 04/02/12 - 11:24am

i know the rolf wheel story above is the april fools joke but this seems sillier than aero snow bike wheels.

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