Scrub Components Launches Subscription Brake Pad Program

Scrub Components offering monthly subscription program for their organic brake padsScrub Components has launched a subscription renewal program for their made-in-the-USA organic brake pads. Sign up and you’ll get discounted pads and free shipping within the United States. From Chris at Scrub:

“Brake pads are not usually thought about until the morning of a big planned ride when you realize your pads are shot. To keep you up and running as well as help save money Scrub is offering a subscription program for brake pads.”

Plans include Monthly delivery (approximately 40% off retail), every 2 Month delivery (approximately 30% off) and quarterly (approximately 20% off). Sign up here.


kellybike - 03/29/12 - 4:56pm

…..Its kinda like a being a wine club member, but its for brake pads?
Ok, I’m in.

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