Mozartt Components Releases Images of New Propotype Goods

Mozartt precision racing components, a polish company established in 2006, makes  attractive chain guides and chain rings in a myriad of colors. This past week, they released a series of photos on facebook to show their fans what they’ve been up to. This new direct mount stem, slated to come out in May, will weigh 95 grams in the 50mm length.

Check past the break for another new release and pics


In addition to their delectable stem, Mozartt will soon be releasing a new chain guide. The new guide is code named Storm and is being produced with feedback from freeride legend – Darren Berrecloth.
Claimed weight is  for ISCG05 is 180 grams,  ISCG old 175 grams.


JESUS CHRISTO - 03/29/12 - 10:58pm

Weight weenie downhill gear = LOL

The Dude - 03/29/12 - 10:59pm

Really. I love my spine and teeth. There is zero reason for this.

Kovas - 03/30/12 - 12:49am

Seems like that face-plate could have a big hole machined in the center and save at least a few more grams. I mean seriously, let’s get this thing down to the 75 gram range.

inigo montoya - 03/30/12 - 2:23am

77grams? here you go:

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