Win a New Grip Shift XX Before You Can Buy It! From SRAM & Bikerumor

SRAM MTB Gripshift

Wanna get your grubby, twisty paws on a set of the new Grip Shift XX before anyone else…including us?

BikeRumor and SRAM have teamed up to give away TWO sets of the new XX 2×10 Grip Shift. Be one of the first to get a set, not available in stores until April. Each winner will receive an pair of the Grip Shift XX 2×10 shifters, including integrated lock-on stationary grips and Gore Ride-On Sealed Low Friction cable system.

Entering is easy:

  1. Answer the Grip Shift trivia question correctly before noon PST Sunday, April 1st. (Need help with some answers? “Like” SRAM MTB’s Facebook and search the posts, photos, and videos.)
  2. Complete the entry form with your contact information and correct answers.
  3. Check back to see if you’ve won on Monday, April 2nd.

Participants must be 18 years or older. Participant contact information will be shared with SRAM LLC and BikeBoardMedia, Inc. (aka Bikerumor) and may be added to either party’s email list. Ready?  Click here to enter!


guy - 03/27/12 - 3:50pm

hmmm, an awesome giveaway on april fools day? I cant help but thinking I’ll get pranked for entering….

Scott - 03/27/12 - 7:14pm

Will they be compatible with 650B? Because the guy in the picture is clearly riding 29″ and 650B is clearly what everyone is going to have to switch to since that guy who is paid to win races won a race on 650B.

I don’t want to have any compatability issues….

David - 03/27/12 - 10:28pm

I don’t see why there would be compatibility issues. Derailleurs work the same whether its on a 26 or 29er. The only thing changing up front is the shifters, so unless 650B has handlebar standards there shouldn’t be any issue.

Vodalous - 03/28/12 - 2:55am


You’ve been troll’d fool.


Gripshift, eeeeeew. Do not want

Fiets kopen - 03/29/12 - 6:56am

I’m not much of a gripshift fan, but I’m definately curious how the XX performs.

Pietro Maggio - 04/02/12 - 8:09pm

That it is AWESOME finally, I being waiting for this 10 speed grip shift for ever ! thank you . And it looks amazing to, and with bearings? you guys rock !!

Mikey - 04/02/12 - 10:01pm

When are you going to post the winners? I hope I am the winner winner XX Grip Shift chicken dinner!

Erik - 04/03/12 - 9:17am

So the deadline has come and gone. Are you guys planning on posting the winners here or somewhere else?

Kristibee - 04/03/12 - 12:05pm

Erik, Mikey and all: we’ve emailed the winners and are awaiting confirmation. We’ll post the lucky winner’s names as soon as everything’s final.

mike - 04/03/12 - 2:13pm

Has a winner for the GripShift swag been chosen?

mike - 04/03/12 - 2:16pm

Oops. Disregard ^^^

Josh - 04/03/12 - 7:56pm

But I didn’t receive an email, there must be a mistake

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