Renthal Adds New 30 mm Rise Handlebar to MTB Lineup

With the trend toward zero stack headsets and flat bars its  refreshing to see a gravity oriented bar with a higher rise introduced. Renthal, famous for their sturdy moto bars, is releasing this 30 mm rise bar due to what they view as a “a swing back towards higher rise bars on the Downhill World Cup circuit.” This trend they claim is a result of steeper courses, frames with shorter head tubes, and lower stack headsets.

The new bar adds a 30mm rise to their existing 10, 20, and 38 mm line up. All bars are 780mm wide, have a 5 degrees upsweep, and a 7 degrees backsweep. Weights from 345. MSRP is $85 USD.

Unfortunately, the bars are only available in the “AluGold” pictured.


tae - 03/28/12 - 9:29am

Sorry, did you say “unfortunately”?

Maybe it’s just me but 80% of the draw of these bars is the gold ano.

Mark Ifi - 03/29/12 - 12:05pm

ha. unfortunately, as in “it’s a pity they only offer one color”.
on an unrelated note, I don’t get the color-fascination of post 2000 bikes. it used to be clear-coated and black. now even useless s*** is anodized.

Gillis - 03/29/12 - 5:48pm

@Marklfi: the anodizing craze started in the early 90’s with the advent of cnc machine use. It’s a fashion that ebbs and flows like the flat to riser back to flat and, according to renthal, the move back to riser bars

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