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bikerumor monday mystery bicycle part picture

Photo from the collection of Jason Woznick of Fair Wheel Bikes. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Yeahaaa!!!_ - 03/26/12 - 7:25am

AC cranks?

foster's - 03/26/12 - 7:25am

ANC, Grafton, Caramba?

Ben - 03/26/12 - 7:28am

Maybe also Curve, the old Kona in-house brand?

Jeff - 03/26/12 - 8:02am

Manufactured by Ultimate Machine Co. for various companies.

Andrew - 03/26/12 - 8:03am

AC crank but with the window cut through, or experimental Onza?

JESUS CHRISTO - 03/26/12 - 8:04am

Multi-use randonneur / waffle iron cranks. For the camping cyclist on the go!

Todd - 03/26/12 - 9:08am

The first AC cranks did have a window cut through, but the later stronger ones did not.

Bilbo Jenkins - 03/26/12 - 9:47am

Those are definitely AC cranks, but I don’t see the logo, so they might be the generic UMC version. BTW – don’t ride them, I broke two sets on the driveside, crankarm just snapped in half leaving a very jagged edge that made a scar I still have today.

level-4 - 03/26/12 - 10:55am

I had a silver set from Titus in the 90’s.

Joel - 03/26/12 - 11:05am

Adventure Components Cranks. I’ll never forget those ones.

joby - 03/26/12 - 11:25am

I think I remember these as AC experimental or low run production cranks. IIRC, they took their standard cranks and milled out the rest of the windows but halted production after high failure rates.

Grafton - 03/26/12 - 3:10pm

ROOX cranks, s*** brand from Holland Europe IIRC

Remek - 03/26/12 - 3:29pm


Rodrigo Catelli - 03/26/12 - 4:54pm


JOHN KLINKENBERG - 03/26/12 - 9:06pm

definately AC cranks! I remember lusting over those as a teenager, then magic motorcycles came out and AC were a thing of the past.

Steve - 03/27/12 - 12:21am

I think they’re cranks.

Kristibee - 03/27/12 - 8:06am

Answer from Jason:
Titus cranks. (these will be confused with AC cranks which are very similar since these were made by AC, but the machining on the cutouts are different between the two.)

Spencer - 03/27/12 - 9:16pm

Titus cyborg cranks.

Spencer - 03/27/12 - 9:18pm

Oh, a little late.

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